Take your pet wherever you go with ESA Letter

With Emotional Support Animal (ESA) Certificate you can live in pet-free housing and fly with your pet without paying extra fees.

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Emotional Support animals are pet companions that assist people with mental health conditions and/or emotional disorders. According to the US law, these animal companions are looked upon as a medical treatment. This means that the handlers are allowed to fly and reside with the animals in pet-free housing (including dorms) without paying any additional fees. An online ESA Certification from a licensed mental health professional will be sufficient to help facilitate your troubles.

Applicable to the majority of Airlines.
Most airlines have different regulations. In most cases, if the airlines allow you to bring a pet, it must be in a carrier beneath the seat or in front of you. There are other cases in which airlines charge an insane amount of fees for your emotional companion to aboard the aircraft. Our letter will not only help you bring your companion along, but it also helps evade any extra fees the airlines may apply.

Works all around the US.
It is very difficult to find pet-friendly housing. In most occasions landlords will deny your pets stay unless it is a service animal or an emotional companion. When you request the accommodation of your pet, the landlord can ask you for a proof letter from your doctor. Our letter will be able to validate the medical need of your pet to your landlord.

Why us?

Doctor ESA has physical locations all across the USA. All of our physicians are medical board certified doctors with the capability to practice medicine in different states. We provide exclusive customer support to all of our patients so when you are in need of assistance we will be just a click away.

At Doctor ESA we provide accessible mental health and emotional disability assistance from a licensed professional at the touch of a click. The process is quick, easy, and you receive the digital certificate upon approval the same day of your telehealth appointment.

Licensed doctors
Our physicians are state board certified and their credentials can be authenticated by going to The Department of Consumer Affairs website (https://search.dca.ca.gov)

Everything is online
The complete process is online and does not require for you to leave the comfort of your home.

100% Money Back Guarantee
We prove you with a full refund if the letter is denied.

24/7 verification.
The PDF letter is accessible at any time.

Full customer support
We will fully assist you with any issues you may have during the time period in which you are our patient.

All documents are digitally signed with the physician and are accessible at any time.

How it works

Fill in questionnaire

Answer a few health questions about yourself, a few questions about your pet, and add a payment method. Choose the best date and time you would like to be seen and select the adequate subscription plan.

Telehealth interview with licensed physician

The mental health professional will proceed to contact you through a video call at the date and time you have selected. The appointment is over a video call in order to be valid according to the law.

Get your PDF Certification

Upon approval, you will be issued your PDF certification the same day. The file will be accessible as well as verifiable 24/7.


1 year

Housing plan


ESA letter, exclusive customer support, and documents for property rental.

1 year

Travel plan


ESA prescription, exclusive customer support, and transport documents for pets.


1 year

Full plan


ESA certification, exclusive customer support, and full assistance with documents for property rental and transport documents for pets.