Renewal ESA Package


Annual Price

If your current ESA Letter is Expiring You Can Renew with Doctor ESA for only $99

Basic ESA


Annual Price

1 Online Physician Visit

1 ESA letter for Travel or Housing | Phone Verifications As Needed

Plus ESA


Annual Price/Best Value/Renewal is $99

1 Online Physician Visit
2 ESA letters for Travel and Housing
Exclusive Customer Support | Phone Verifications As Needed | Special $99 Renewal Price Upon Expiration

You can always count on Doctor ESA to assist you as a person and not as a number.

  • Our expert support team can provide you with the necessary information for air travel and housing regulations.
  • Your licensed mental health professional will contact you directly and provide you with an ESA recommendation letter (if you qualify) based on federal and state regulations.
  • Doctor ESA works with LMHP that follow state by state guidelines and privacy rules for your safety and security. We also encourage that you also confirm credentials and any questions directly with your licensed mental health professional so you are well informed at all times.

Even after you are approved for an ESA letter or if you do not qualify, we will continue to help assist you and work as your advocate. You are more than a number to us.